Your partner for profitable enterprise development

As a spin-off of the "Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft" our business fields are always on the edge.We develop innovative and practicable strategy solutions as well as organizational and information-technological solutions for industry and service enterprises.SMEs see us as an important supplier for innovative know how: Our project partners benefit from the experience of our interdisciplinary project teams containing of engineers, computer scientists and economists.

Our success factors
  • We combine creativity with experience and methodical proceeding
  • We integrate your employees punctually in the project teams
  • We use pragmatic instruments and tools to process a project and
  • We work with the latest technologies

The basis of our project success is long-standing experience collected in European and international projects. We are able to integrate complementary competencies of our numerous international partners in our projects at anytime.

Our USP's
  • We develop individual solutions.
  • We are working in an established network to solve your challenges European-wide.
  • Our project leaders are well experienced.
  • We are working with on the edge know-how. Your needs are always the focus of our work.
  • We combine industrial experiences with research findings to gain your benefits.

An extensively customer satisfaction analysis between our long-standing industrial partners was carried out. The analysis showed that even small und medium-sized enterprises prefer the direct co-operation with our interdisciplinary project teams.

The opinion of our industrial customers
  • the success rate of M-BIS projects
  • the competence, the engagement, the flexibility
  • the kindness of the project employees
  • the methodical tactic during the project life-time
  • the good communication flow and co-operation between the M-BIS-employees and the operational
  • persons
  • the fulfilment of the in the contract fixed services as well as
  • the good preparation and documentation of the project results